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Low Doc Loans

Finding the right Loan can be confusing. Whether you are after a home loan, personal loan this website has been created to give some basic info about different types of loans.

Different Types of Loans:

  • Low Doc Loans
  • Variable
  • Fixed
  • Split Rate Loan
  • Interest Only

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Whatever your circumstances, a broker will find the deal that’s right for you, not the lender.


Low Doc Loans

Popular with self-employed people, these loans require less documentation or proof of income than most, but often carry higher interest rates or require a larger deposit because of the perceived higher lender risk. In most cases you will be financially better off getting together full documentation for another type of loan. But if this isn’t possible, a low doc loan may be your best opportunity to borrow money.

Lower requirement for evidence of income. May overlook non-existent or poor credit rating.

You will probably pay higher interest than with other home loan types, or may need a larger deposit, or both.


There are more than 30 different Low Doc home loan lenders in Australia. These lenders will offer, at times, similar products but can differ with their lending policies. It’s best to speak to one of our experienced Brokers to determine the right Low Doc home loan lender for you.

To know more information about different types of loans talk to a professional mortgage broker..

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